No health benefits for organic food?

vegetables grown organically

The word around town is that organic food may not bring any health benefits ie we’ve all been shelling out loads of extra money for no clear health benefits!!!

I’m quite cross because there so many vested interests who fund studies but ensure that the study isn’t independent and limits its scope in a way so that the resulting data will help promote products sold by the people who fund the work.

The work was carried out byresearchers from Stanford university who looked at 200 previous studies and tried to collate the peublished data to see if there are health “benefits” to consuming organically grown food. The scope of foods investigated was truly broad with meat, vegetables as well as dairy products – no problem there¬† except that maybe the scope was a little bit too large. I mean how can you compare the benefits of avoiding pesticides in vegetables (say) to avoiding artificial hormones in some meat and dairy products, for example?

Also what do we mean by “health benefits’?

The study found (apparently) that there were only slightly more vitamins and other nutriuents in organically produced foods than foods that were grown using modern framing methods.

Don’t these people realise that we do no eat organic food for the extra vitamins! We eat organic food to avoid what we consider to be the poisons that some conventional farming methods put into food – which is “OK” because the levels are “safe” for human consumption! Who says what level of a toxic or posionous substance¬† is “safe” anyway?

Thank you but we’re not ready to stop eating organically grown food just yet!

There’s more on the news story here;

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