Changing to Natural and Organic Products

It is advisable to use all creams and lotions (face and body) within three months of opening. In extreme heat or hot and humid climates products should be stored in a fridge. Always check the ‘Sell / Use By’ date printed on containers. Wash your hands before removing creams / lotions from jars or use a spatula to avoid introducing bacteria. All natural and organic products are preserved with essential oils that offer natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties. Do not expose natural and organic products to direct sunlight, bright light or heat. If these products are exposed to heat and light, the waxes in the cream may melt and the oils can go rancid.

When changing to natural and organic products, some people may experience a ‘detoxification’ reaction such as headaches, joint pains, slight nausea, break outs of spots on the skin, skin rashes, etc. Although these symptoms may be unpleasant, they are no cause for alarm. It is merely an indication that your body is cleansing itself. Your skin is an excretory / eliminatory organ and rids your body of toxins retained in the tissue. These toxins are usually a build up of petrochemical residues contained in previous products used on your skin. Be patient and persevere! Maintain a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and allow your body and skin to adapt to ‘going organic’. The cleansing process usually takes no longer than a few weeks.

Commercially available cosmetics and skin care products contain a cocktail of toxins which may cause serious damage to your body. There is ample research to support the danger of continuous use. By educating yourself and making the effort to read content labels, you could be saving yourself and your family from potential danger and future suffering. The prime lubricants in most creams and lotions are liquid paraffin, propylene glycol and mineral oil.

These are the products from the petrol industry that are dumped in huge quantities in the cosmetic industry because they are cheap and stable and they don’t go off easily. They tend to clog pores and prevent your skin from breathing. Your skin becomes ‘addicted’ to these ingredients and literally peels off if you discontinue use. Some synthetic preservatives may be carcinogenic, hormone disrupting and neurotoxin.

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