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No health benefits for organic food?

No health benefits for organic food?

Do You Know What You Drink?

If you are visiting this blog, you already know that you are what you eat. I would suggest broadening that motto with, you also are what you drink… Soft drinks & juices When it comes to carbonated soft drinks, they should be completely eliminated from our menu. Contrary to common belief, even juices may be […]

Oregano: – Way More Than Just A Kitchen Herb.

Image via Wikipedia Oregano can be used for many things other than just a kitchen herb, and its medicinal uses are well documented in both Chinese and Western medicine. Before looking at the medicinal uses, however, a quick review of the herb itself and the active ingredients, will provide some of the theoretical information needed […]

Organic Coffee You Say? It’s The Only Way To Go!

Image via Wikipedia I will give you a quick rundown of what organic really means, and why I think people should only drink organic coffee. 1) No synthetic fertilizers or herbicides may be used to grow certified organic crops. 2) Certified organic foods may not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 3) To be labeled 100% […]

Choosing Organic Food For A Smaller Carbon Footprint

Image via Wikipedia Just one 320-acre farm going organic equals 117 cars taken off of the road or 1,462,500 miles not driven!” That’s the conclusion of Chris Hill and Greg Bowman, contributors to the Rodale Institute’s website which has been heavily involved in researching the impacts of conventional and organic farming. Seems that buying […]